Discover Taiwan's Night Sky Wonders: Plan Your "Starry Taitung" Adventure Today!

2024/6/10 9:29:50

TAITUNG, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine yourself gazing at a breathtaking tapestry of stars, unmarred by light pollution. Welcome to Taitung, Taiwan's 'starry city,' where nights come alive with celestial wonders. Nestled in the southeastern corner of Taiwan, Taitung is a treasure trove of natural wonders, rich landscapes, and diverse ecological habitats. The local Indigenous cultures add a layer of historical depth to its charm. With its commitment to maintaining low development and preserving its pristine air quality, Taitung has been dubbed "Taiwan's most beautiful stargazing city."

Since 2018, the Taitung County Government has been promoting the Starry Taitung series, which includes the Starry Taitung Night Concert and other events, all free to attend, nurturing sustainable tourism through expertly curated tours and awareness programs that showcase the magnificent night skies.

This year, from June to August, the Starry Taitung Night Concert will be the highlight of the series. The concerts offer a chance for visitors from around the globe to enjoy the star-filled skies above the region, whilst appreciating the diverse musical talents we have to offer. In 2021, the Starry Taitung initiative received ISO 20121 certification, recognizing its sustainable event management practices. The campaign is noted for its commitment to creating a tranquil atmosphere, minimizing light pollution, reducing single-use waste, and promoting low-carbon emissions. The series will take place in six locations across Taitung: Guanshan, Dawu, Donghe, Beinan, Lanyu, and Ludao townships, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Each event will feature a vibrant starlit bazaar, live music performances, and guided night tours, all offered free of charge.

Travelers who appreciate the tranquillity of rural landscapes should consider cycling through Chishang Township to Dapo Pond or Bolang Avenue, or exploring Guanshan Waterfront Park in Guanshan Township. Those who prefer panoramic sea views can visit the Jialulan Recreation Area along the coastal highway just north of Taitung City, the Sanxiantai Scenic Area in Chenggong Township, or the 9420 Coastal Park in Dawu Township, all which overlook the Pacific Ocean. Each of these sites also doubles as a perfect location for stargazing, offering clear views of the night sky.

For a more guided experience, Starry Taitung provides tours led by knowledgeable locals, focusing on the region's evening skies. Visitors can find stargazing maps and event guides on Starry Taitung's official website or Facebook page. Adding "Taitung County" and "Starry Taitung" to your Taiwan itinerary promises an enriching experience that combines the Taitung's unique countryside, valleys, and serene coastal areas with the awe-inspiring beauty of its night skies.

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